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Introducing Alice + Whittles Fair Trade Rubber Boots

Global Perspective. Urban design.

Beautiful design meets real life.

Rubber boots are ubiquitous, they are functional, and they work. We saw a huge range of rubber boots as we travelled the globe, and none of them seemed to make sense for our needs. Few rubber boots are designed for real life, for walking to work, for picking the kids up from school, for stealing a date night at the local bistro on the corner.

We wanted to change that.

Working with Swiss designers, we searched for the perfect boot design. We wanted our boots to be timeless, geography agnostic, and ready for the urban landscape. We believe that functionality doesn’t have to sacrifice good design. We stripped the rubber boot down to its essentials and transformed it into a piece of modern footwear that not only looks good, but makes you feel good, too.

Part of the global conversation.

We believe that fashion can be ethical and that business can do good. That’s why our vegan rubber boots are made with fair-trade rubber from Sri Lanka. Our boots will take you from Toronto to Geneva effortlessly, all while supporting local rubber farmers in Sri Lanka. We work closely with local makers and international designers to create what we believe is the ultimate rubber boot.

Sourced ethically, handmade, designed for your life.