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Canada Driven – Alice + Whittles

Because not all Canadian fashion involves plaid.

Inspired by Canada.

It’s not just a place. Canada is part of you, it’s part of us. It’s what’s informed so much of what we do, how we travel, and how we embrace the world. It’s also integral to the Alice + Whittles brand.

Our boots are built for life outdoors, but designed for urban living. They go from day to night, park to office, just as easily as you do. They embrace the diversity of Canadian life, with a special nod to our environmentalist bent. These boots are made with vegan, fair-trade, environmentally friendly sourcing from trees in Sri Lanka. They are global as much as they are local — like so much of our Canadian friends.

We teamed up with Uniqlo in Toronto last year to explore what it means to be Canadian. We created custom on-the-spot bags using the coordinates of locations our customers felt close to, so the could carry their favourite spots with them. We believe that wherever you travel, your home is always in your heart — that’s what it means to be Canadian and a world citizen. That’s what it means to be an Alice + Whittles woman.