All things Considered

Starting a fashion label is not your usual response to witnessing widespread, often violent economic unrest. But for us, two UN emergency relief workers, it made perfect sense. Alice + Whittles was born from our experiences on the frontline. It is one possible solution to a world starving for ideas (among other things). A lifestyle brand, it favours transparency, ethical manufacturing practices and worker empowerment as a means of creating long-lasting, positive change. Alice + Whittles was founded in 2013 and is based between Toronto and Geneva, a fact that reveals its minimalist leanings.
We begin our design process thinking about the essentials in our wardrobe. The pieces we carry with us around the world. Those we can't do without. We design with function, form and material in mind - removing unnecessary elements to create simple, modern silhouettes.
We celebrate craftsmanship, taking efforts to find and partner with the best producers around the world. Our partners have long histories working with the materials we choose to create our collections from.We travel to meet them. We get to know the region, the communities and the teams we'll be working with on the ground. We do all this to ensure that we're creating great products that have a positive impact on the people and environment we work in.
We support fair labour standards in the making of all of our products, right down to the communities that harvest our raw materials. It is our belief that ethical manufacturing practices and worker empowerment is a means of creating long-lasting change. We only use materials that are natural, vegan, sustainably harvested and organic where possible.